Research Areas

Smart building energy efficiency and retrofit

This research area integrates human activities into energy modeling for buildings and communities. Findings provide intelligent and optimal energy retrofit decisions for buildings and infrastructure, e.g. electric vehicle charging stations.  Outcomes lead to a better understanding of the interactions among technology, behavior, and sustainability.

Sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure

This research area automates and optimizes the design, construction, and operations of building and facility networks using BIM, big data analytics, and AI computing. Outcomes make building smarter, facilities more resilient,  and humans safer and healthier. 

Virtual design, construction, and project management

This research area creates intelligent countermeasures to prevent workplace injuries, such as construction sites and work zones. Findings provide injury hazards, VR/AR training tools, and safety enhancement programs. Outcomes improve occupational safety and health in the AEC industry, mitigate OSH risks, and reduce fatalities.

System risks, safety, and mitigation

This research area visualizes and predicts human behaviors in organizational networks using SNA and statistic modeling.  Outcomes help understand interactions between human and work systems and therefore interventions can be developed to improve productivity, safety, and efficiency. 

Demos & Impacts