About Us

The MSU’s Human-Building Systems Lab (HBS) is directed led by Dr. Dong Zhao. The HBS lab focuses on human-system modeling and computing in architecture, engineering, and construction. The lab creates digital models and computational algorithms to advance the integration of human-building systems. 

Our research methods include building engineering, human factors engineering, building information modeling, AI and machine learning, virtual and augmented reality experiments, social network analysis, simulation and visualization, big data analytics, and spatial analysis with geographic information systems.

Our research interests are instinctively motivated by a sense of responsibility to protect environment, save lives and alleviate losses. The emerging trend of climate change inspires us to input efforts to the sustainable mitigations upon the built environment. Construction is recognized as a dangerous and complex industry, any contribution to the risk mitigation means saving. We see data science and information technology excellent tools to reach our goal.

Grants & Sponsors

We are grateful for financial supports from the funding agencies!

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